For the throngs of Silicon Roundabout workers situated only a stones-throw from the former tube-station emergency exit, trendy coffee bar Shoreditch Grind is a popular morning fuel stop. It's a friendly and relaxed environment, with large curving windows, a terrace area outside for some summer time people watching, and a recording studio upstairs. In the evening the barristas make way for the mixologists, and the venue transforms into a cocktail bar.

The coffee selection is what you would expect from a decent independent coffee shop in London, heavy on Australian influences, such as flat whites. The beans are roasted by Small Batch Coffee, based in Brighton. Service is friendly, if a bit rushed during busy periods. From what used to be a hardcore group of regular staff, recent months have seen a much higher turnover, which is a shame. As you would expect with a lot of new staff, the quality has suffered a little, but it remains a firm favourite for the area. Hopefully staffing issues will settle down in the near future.

They offer a selection of sandwiches, salads and baked goods throughout the day, all of which are top-notch, easily besting other coffee destinations in the area. The smoked salmon and avocado salad comes highly recommended. They also run special events in the evenings, usually sponsored by a drinks manufacturer. Always good fun, and worth a visit.

Last reviewed on August 27th , 2014




Hints and tips

  • What will it cost?
    Regular coffee around £2.40.
  • Nearest tube
    Old Street
  • Loyalty card
    If you reguarly frequent the Shoreditch Grind, be sure to pick up one of their loyalty cards. They're a good way to save a few quid every now and then.
  • Cocktails in the evening
    After 6pm, the cafe transforms into a cocktail bar. They'll keep serving coffee for a short time after, but eventually it's cocktails and beers only.


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