Red Dog Saloon is hard to put into a single category. It's unashamedly American, it's got some seriously good barbeque credentials, and it makes a pretty mean burger as well. In short - it's all about the meat. It has previously been featured on Man versus Food for the Devastator burger, a tower of 18 ounces of beef patty, 200g of pull pork, 6 rashers of bacon, and 6 slices of american cheese, all wrapped in a bun.

But beyond the over-the-top food challenges, it actually serves up some extremely tasty food. There's a range of southern fried chicken dishes, barbequed pork and short ribs, as well as the traditional burgers. And despite the meat-feast awaiting you, it also offers a very good vegetarian spicy bean burger as well. The portions are large, and the prices are pretty reasonable for what you get.

The venue itself is fun. It's decked out in 'American saloon' style, but it has a great atmosphere, a good selection of American largers, and the staff are always incredibly attentive and helpful. It can get extremely busy, especially towards the end of the week, and is popular with a lot of the tech companies in and around the area for office parties. So be sure to book if you want to experience the full excitement of a Friday night down the saloon.

Last reviewed on August 8th , 2014




Hints and tips

  • What will it cost?
    Between £15 and £30 a head. Their Man versus Food challenge - the Devestator burger, will set you back £22.75.
  • Nearest tube
    Old Street.
  • Getting a table
    Book early if you want to be sure of a seat. Usually a week in advance will be sufficient, but the restaurant is popular with locals and businesses alike, and gets very busy towards the end of the week with office parties.
  • Outside seating
    There is some limited seating out the front, where you can drink and eat. If the weather holds up, try and grab a space, and watch the comings and goings of Hoxton Square with your piles of meat.
  • Thanksgiving special
    Once every year, at American Thanksgiving, they put on a special Thanksgiving meal - traditional turkey with all the trimmings - including sweet potato with marshmallows.
  • Big brother is watching
    See if you can spot the former Big Brother contestant who now works at Red Dog.


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