I stumbled across Kulu Kulu while wandering around South Kensington on a summer evening with a friend. Knowing nothing about the place, we decided to risk it, and see what it had to offer. Kulu Kulu is an exclusively conveyer belt sushi establishment, with gruff but efficient service, and excellent sushi on offer. They offer the standard range of sashimis, temaki (hand rolls), maki and such. Free green tea is available in the corner on a help-yourself basis, and more options available to order.

For me, Kulu Kulu stand out from the crowd for their fabulous temaki, which are always made fresh to order, and filled very generously with an assortment of options, including tempura prawn and soft shell crab. They also offer good quality, fresh sashimi at very reasonable prices. They have three chains across London, though the quality various between locations. My favourite is their Soho branch, location off SOMEWHERE, followed closely by their South Kensington branch. While I've yet to visit personally, I hear less good things about their Brewer Street branch.

It's usually possible to walk in and grab a seat for small parties, but be prepared to have to wait if there a few of you. They also operate a policy of 1hr seatings, so be prepared to be shuffled on quickly during busy periods.

Last reviewed on July 21st , 2014




Hints and tips

  • What will it cost?
    Selection of dishes off-the-belt, ranging for £1.75 to £4.50
  • Nearest tube
    Covent Garden
  • Getting a table
    All seating is around a conveyor-belt. It's first come, first served. They have a maximum of one-hour per party, so the wait is usually less than 15 minutes.
  • What to wear
    Casual dress is fine. Everyone is welcome, whether you just finished work, or the gym.
  • Free tea
    There is free green tea available all day, just help yourself from the tea machine in the corner.
  • Weekday promotions
    Not always available, but there is often a 20% discount in operation during weekday lunches. The staff will apply the discount for you automatically.

Best of the rest

  • The Square - Quick bit of info here. Link to review maybe?
  • Somewhere else - Bit more info. Ideally would be nice to have a photo and stuff as well.


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