The Clove Club is a rare beast. If you go to dine in the evening, you have a simple choice. Would you like the Restaurant Menu (£55), the Extended Menu (£95), or the Vegetarian menu (£55). There is no A La Carte option, it's a take it or leave it sort of arrangement. And to be honest, it's even simpler than that, as the extended menu is only available if you've pre-ordered it when booking. So, at first glance, you would think this is a place only for the most adventorous of London dinners.

But you'd be wrong. The daily changing menu includes roughly 10 dishes to try, ranging from smaller nibbles through to full sizes courses. And rarely does the chef fail to produce something spectular and incredibly tasty. The head chef Isaac McHale is a master, especially with vegetables, which often take equal pride of place along with the proteins within the meal. It's perhaps one of the most enjoyable vegetarian menus I've ever tried in London. The chefs pride themselves on only using the freshest, most in-season ingredients available.

The venue itself is spartan. High ceilings, long windows, and wooden floors make for a slight lack in ambience, but this can be forgiven thanks to the incredible food, and equally excellent service. Staff are friendly, polite, and extremely knowledgeable about the menu, and accompanying, locally sourced wine list.

Last reviewed on October 19th , 2014




Hints and tips

  • What will it cost?
    Lunch menu - £35.
    Evening menu - £55.
    Extended menu - £95.
  • Nearest tube
    Old Street.
  • Getting a table
    It's advisable to book a few days in advance if possible. It's not too hard to get in, but walk-in success is not guarenteed.
  • Bar options
    While the main restaurant is a set menu, you can set up camp in the bar instead, which offers individually price small and large dishes for you to enjoy.
  • English sparkling wine
    The Clove Club prides itself on local and regionally sources ingredients. This extends to their wine list, which generally includes at least one or two English wine, usually from Kent.

Useful reviews

  • The Guardian (2013)
    There is a no-choice menu. You either like it or lump it. There are few cheffy indulgences, hardly any blowsy carbs. But it is some of the loveliest food I have eaten in ages.
  • LondonEater (2013)
    The surprise menu rotates regularly so I’m sure by the time you visit, most will have changed...


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